Writing Dialogue for Short Plays -- some examples

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three Strangers4

(Mac and Joe watch her exit.)

I got it!  She’s Sally Ride.  That’s her, or her handle anyhow.  Walks with a limp, right?   She’s one of Mickey Porter’s girls, a real ace grifter.  I knew it was Mickey, with a scar on his cheek.  From a knife fight, you know?

She walks with a limp ‘cause he shot off three of her toes one night.  Not one at a time.  Not bam, bam, bam. 

But they were having this fight in some parking lot, and his gun went off.  She had three toes amputated, and walks with a limp.  That’s her, Sally Ride.

What’s she doing in here?  Fully clothed and all.  Must be on the rag, huh, and can’t do any real work.

Did she run a number on you?  Not the coin purse trick.
(High voice)
“Oh, my, I left my coin purse.  Could you lend me twenty?”
Get off it. 

She did, didn’t she?  You been had by Sally Ride.  Heh, heh, that’s a good one.

Waited until one night when Doris was off, then came in here and ran a number on your head.

Will you get off it now?

Well, she’s one of the best.  At least you can claim that, heh, heh.  “A nice scoop of vanilla ice cream.  In one of them old fashioned dishes.”  Man, she had you going.  “Nice old fashioned dishes.”

Look, you done here?  That’s five-forty-five.

Hey, I should get a freebie.  She got one.  Just because mine don’t jiggle when I walk.  Just because I punch a clock for a living, licensed and bonded.

Yeah, okay.

(Joe reaches for his wallet, takes out a bill.  Then searches his pockets for change, a quarter and two dimes.  Mac waits.)

(While finding coins.)
But no tip.  I didn’t even get more coffee.  No refill, no nothing!

And don’t think you’re getting away with something here.  I got you figured.  I know the dirt on you.  A soft touch for Sally Ride.  Heh, heh, that’s a good one.

(Joe walks to the exit.)
(Turns at the door.)
Wait ‘til I come through next time.  Wait ‘til I tell Doris. A soft touch for Sally Ride, that’s what you are.

(Joe exits.  Mac looks at the check with the lipstick kiss.)

Best twenty bucks I ever spent. 

(Mac opens the book and reads. Blackout.)

End Three Strangers.  
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