Writing Dialogue for Short Plays -- some examples

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Postcard Story

Beach day!
-- Stella Atrium 7/6/13

I joined the great unwashed at Fullerton Beach today.
Sailboat bobbing on the hazy horizon,
The roar of skipjacks I could not see,
A by-plane dragging a flag-ad for Gieco Insurance,
A styling toddler in a dotted-swiss swimsuit with a red posy on her shoulder,
Twin Catholic girls in modest suits with pink ruffles at just the right places,
Ethnic boys trying to make time with sun-bathing white girls,
Old guys showing their hairy man breasts,
Young moms in bikinis that probably fit before she got married.
There was even a 4-car fender bender on Lake Shore Drive behind us
that drew police cruisers, two fire engines and an ambulance.
What better way to celebrate the weekend of our nation’s birth?
I enjoyed myself so much, I even went pee in the water.